Find the lost treasure of Al-Muqtádir: 50,000 gold coins that never reached their destination. From Ramiro I to Juana Enriquez, all the Aragonese kings and queens have tried to find the treasure. But is it true, or just a legend?
The route runs through Sos del Rey Católico, Uncastillo, Bolea, Loarre, Huesca, Barbastro, and Alquézar. You can follow this route on foot, by bike, on horseback or by doing it in several different stages. In each of the stages, you also have other great treasures to discover: Romanesque and medieval architecture, magnificent buildings, and wonderful memories.
There is a treasure to discover in each of the cities on the route. You have to write down the clues in order, as the website ask you for them. At the end of each of the tours through the locations, the website will give you access to the treasure. It is encrypted, and you have to insert the numbers that you have been finding in the clues in the same order that you found them.

194 km
7 places
  • 1063 Barbastro
    Finally, the town of Barbastro falls! Al Muqtádir and his followers thought we would never take it back. Us! A handful of mountain folk, without the riches of Denia or Valencia – yet we have snatched it back from you.
    A glorious campaign. God protect all those who have helped us, and Ramiro I for taking this city from the infidel. All have been great companions: from my brother-in-law the Count of Urgell to the Bishop of Vic, the Baron of Lower Normandy, the Count of Poitiers and the Duke of Aquitaine. All Christians against the Muslims.
    But in the final accounting, damn our luck, there has been a treasure that we have not found: the sacks of 50,000 gold coins that the Lord of Zaragoza had to pay to the Lord of Lérida for his protection. We had sent a dozen men to guard the gold on its journey. I know that they entered Barbastro and that except for one of the men guarding the sacks, all have died. Where can those sacks be? One of the guards was carrying a document. But they are just unconnected words, gibberish. They name several cities: Barbastro, Alquézar, Bolea, Loarre, Huesca, Uncastillo and Sos.
    I must recover the treasure. In Barbastro there was plenty, but we had to share it between all of us. But with those 50,000 coins, I can build a house and make my lineage great. For Aragon! I must find the treasure.

    • In each location, we will give you a series of clues that you must resolve while touring the city. When you have them all, they will form a numeric key. You must enter it on the website, and the password will be unlocked to help you find the treasure.
    • The clues are geolocated using GPS. Remember to carry a GPS device with you.
    • All the locations can be found at GEOCOACHING.COM for free
    • Bring a pen and paper to your searches.
    • Remember to leave everything as you found it.
    • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.


Petronila’s search for the treasure: Barbastro

Sancha de Aragón’s search for the treasure Alquézar

Queen Sancha’s search for the treasure: Huesca

María de Luna’s search for the treasure: Bolea

Violante de Luna’s search for the treasure: Loarre

Violante de Luna’s search for the treasure. Uncastillo

Juana Enriquez’s search for the treasure: Sos